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From Apes to Humans

When monkeys evolved into humans it was not only their looks that changed; they also changed in different ways such as their brain size, upright walking, and jaw size.
The  picture above shows the difference of shape between apes and humans. When you look at the ape picture you can see that the ape is hunched over and the human is walking upright. You can also see how much bigger the human brain is, and how much smaller the human jaw is.
The human brain is much bigger than an ape's brain. The human brain is 1350g, the chimanzee 400g, the orangutan 400g, and the macaque is 100g. Humans have the biggest brains on the planet. A human brain is over three times larger than the chimpanzee brain and the orangutan brain and over 10 times the size of the macaque brain. Human beings are thought to have lived on earth for millions of years; however the big brain change happened only in the last 200,000 years or so. The human placenta is a powerhouse of nutrients and energy and 70% of the calories are devoted to fetal brain growth. No wonder humans grew bigger brains.
The ape's jaw is also much bigger than the humans. Because Apes had to eat their food raw, they needed stronger jaw muscles. Some of the earlier humans such as the astrolopithicus, or homo sapien also had bigger jaws because they needed strong jaws to chew and wear down animal hide. One of the biggest changes from apes to humans is walking upright. Apes used to hunch over when they walked and used their hands to walk. Humans walked upright which was a lot easier for hunting because when in an upright position, they could toss a spear for a long distance.
As you can see there are many changes between apes and humans. Theses changes made it easier to do many things for humans and had many advantages.

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